The comfort egg is at the same time a sensory object, an anti-stress accessory, a relaxation toy and a nest of softness. This object will follow you everywhere, in your pockets, on your desk, under the pillow. Its smooth finish and organic shape will help calm your or your child's mind.

Oeuf de réconfort - accessoire anti-stress en bois massif
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Comfort egg - Cherry
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    Comfort egg - Black walnut
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      Comfort egg - Sugar maple
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        What you say

        “It's a comfort egg, but to me it's more of a magic egg! Unimaginably soft and perfectly shaped, it is a small object that manages to relax both mind and body. The color and the finish are magnificent, I am more than satisfied.”


        “I love it. Help me a lot during meditation and to avoid biting my fingers ... Thank you !!!”


        “The comfort egg is awesome, very well done and the wood is high quality.”


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