Our modern CLARA wall bookcase is the starting point for an upcoming collection of furniture designed to better organize and beautify your interiors.

Designed and manufactured from A to Z by Le Tenon et la Mortaise, our furniture elements are inspired by the Scandinavian utilitarian approach by adapting to unique needs and interiors. We offer to organize your workspaces, reading, kitchen or relaxation while highlighting natural wood with a simple and timeless design. The CLARA is a wall bookcase inspired by Scandinavian design, easy to install and made of high quality solid wood.

Clara - Bibliothèque murale moderne
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          Wood samples for the Clara shelf
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            WHAT YOU SAY

            “The most beautiful design of all life. A wall shelf with a beautiful design and easy to install!”

            MYRIAM VAN NESTE

            “Beautiful piece and top quality material. They packaged it up beautifully and we’re true to their timing estimate. Definitely recommend and can’t wait to pick up another piece.”

            KEVIN TASSINI

            “The craftsmanship is solid - you can feel and see it in the finish of the wood. The shelves were packaged well and the installation couldn’t be easier.”


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